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  • Improved registration process.
  • Changes to DNS mode should improve performance in some cases.

The all-in-one VPN tunneling, firewall & proxy bypassing, anonymization and anti-censorship solution

Is your Internet access being censored? Are some things on the Internet simply not accessible to you? Do you need protection from eavesdroppers or access without a login on an unencrypted wireless hotspot network or any other web-login based Internet access? Would you like to appear to be a user from a different country to avoid inconvenient content restrictions? Or would you prefer if your IP was not logged by every website you visit and everything you do logged by the NSA? Then look no further, you’ve found the solution!

Our Your Freedom service does all this for you, and more. It defeats censorship, it encrypts all your traffic, it hides your origin and identity, and it just makes things work that don’t work without it. All you need is this app. There is a free service (called “FreeFreedom”) available permanently to everyone who only needs occasional access and low bandwidth. If you need more, you can always upgrade later – once you know that it solves your problem and you need more than FreeFreedom provides.

Supported tunnel modes:

  • FTP
  • UDP
  • DNS
  • ICMP ECHO (rooted phones only)

We have 39 tunnel servers in 10 countries.

Visit our webpage for in-depth information about our service. We appreciate if you send us crash reports when asked by your phone. To contact us about this app, send email to [email protected]

If you would like to always receive the latest beta version instead of the production version and have all the latest features and bugs, please opt in at

Your Freedom VPN Client Apk Information

Your Freedom VPN Client Apk


This release may come in several versions. Click the link below to download the latest version.

Previous Versions of Your Freedom VPN Client

Your Freedom VPN Client 20171201-0 Apk (Update: 2017-12-05)
Your Freedom VPN Client 20171103-03 Apk (Update: 2017-10-23)
Your Freedom VPN Client 20171017-01 Apk (Update: 2017-10-17)
Your Freedom VPN Client 20170824-01 Apk (Update: 2017-08-19)
Your Freedom VPN Client 20170809-01 Apk (Update: 2017-08-11)
Your Freedom VPN Client 20170809-01 Apk (Update: 2017-07-03)
Your Freedom VPN Client 20170626-01 Apk (Update: 2017-06-26)
Your Freedom VPN Client 20170609-02 Apk (Update: 2017-06-12)
Your Freedom VPN Client 20170420-01 Apk (Update: 2017-05-24)
Your Freedom VPN Client 20170314 Apk (Update: 2017-03-20)
Your Freedom VPN Client 20170314 Apk (Update: 2017-03-20)

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