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  • Thanks for using LinkedIn! We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance and add new features to help you connect with your professional network and advance your career.

The LinkedIn app makes it easier to connect to the people and things that matter in your professional world. Build and nurture your professional network, stay up to date with the latest business and industry news, and find your next dream job.

It all starts with your LinkedIn profile. It’s more than just your professional resume — it shows the world who you are and what you’ve accomplished in your career. But that’s just the beginning:

  • Search for people, jobs, companies and groups
  • Get updates from the people, publishers and companies that matter to your professional success
  • Tell your story with your professional profile and build your professional brand
  • Update your professional profile right from the app to polish your resume wherever you are
  • Grow your professional network and keep in touch
  • Reach out to people and view their professional profiles
  • Share articles to establish yourself as a thought leader
  • Follow companies to get job postings, business updates, and suggestions to connect with people you may know
  • Upgrade your account to LinkedIn Premium from right within the app
  • Have questions on a particular permission?

LinkedIn Apk Information

  • Updated: February 27, 2018
  • Version: 4.1.142
  • Requires Android: 4.3 and up
  • Google play Rating: 4.2/5
  • In-app Products: No
  • DeveloperLinkedIn
LinkedIn Apk


This release may come in several versions. Click the link below to download the latest version.

Previous Versions of LinkedIn Apk

LinkedIn 4.1.141 Apk (Update: 2018-02-22)
LinkedIn 4.1.137 Apk (Update: 2018-02-13)
LinkedIn 4.1.112 Apk (Update: 2017-11-09)
LinkedIn 4.1.97 Apk (Update: 2017-09-12)
LinkedIn 4.1.95 Apk (Update: 2017-09-03)
LinkedIn 4.1.84 Apk (Update: 2017-08-27)
LinkedIn 4.1.81 Apk (Update: 2017-08-22)
LinkedIn 4.1.80 Apk (Update: 2017-08-16)
LinkedIn 4.1.76 Apk (Update: 2017-08-09)
LinkedIn 4.1.74 Apk (Update: 2017-08-02)
LinkedIn 4.1.70 Apk (Update: 2017-07-25)
LinkedIn 4.1.69 Apk (Update: 2017-07-19)
LinkedIn 4.1.66 Apk (Update: 2017-07-12)
LinkedIn 4.1.64 Apk (Update: 2017-06-28)
LinkedIn 4.1.61 Apk (Update: 2017-06-21)
LinkedIn 4.1.59 Apk (Update: 2017-06-14)
LinkedIn 4.1.56 Apk (Update: 2017-06-07)
LinkedIn 4.1.53 Apk (Update: 2017-05-31)
LinkedIn 4.1.52 Apk (Update: 2017-05-27)
LinkedIn 4.1.51 Apk (Update: 2017-05-25)
LinkedIn 4.1.48 Apk (Update: 2017-05-15)
LinkedIn 4.1.43 Apk (Update: 2017-05-04)
LinkedIn 4.1.40 Apk (Update: 2017-04-27)

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